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My hope is for all to receive sanctuary and encouragement, including hospitality venues and ideas, conversational meditations, and organic gardening tips.  Topics will range from the deeply personal to the light and entertaining, but all with the purpose of uplifting you while encouraging you to think deeply.

Weeds, Weeds, Go Away!

Talking about weeds isn’t the most engrossing topic of gardening conversation, but it is oh so necessary! For a pesticide free yard, it’s pretty straight forward: smother and knock out the germinating seeds when they first nestle into your lawn in the fall, or yank them up from the roots when they emerge in the spring.

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Am I Blooming?

It’s the closing bell of winter and I’m watching the changes in the plum tree out my study window. Each day, a few more puffs of white blossoms appear transforming one bloom into clusters of sweet smelling flowers clinging to bare branches.

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Hummus, the More you Eat, the More You Want!

More than any other recipe, hummus is the one for which people ask me the most. Hummus has recently become massively popular outside the Middle East, especially in the United States and Europe. I routinely see hummus packaged and ready to eat in all shapes and forms in the grocery aisles, even as little snack packs.

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