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My hope is for all to receive sanctuary and encouragement, including hospitality venues and ideas, conversational meditations, and organic gardening tips.  Topics will range from the deeply personal to the light and entertaining, but all with the purpose of uplifting you while encouraging you to think deeply.

I Love Me Some Books

We have a quirky tradition in our family. We gift books. It all started with my Scottish grandparents who could only see us every 4-5 years on our scheduled furloughs. So, since phone calls back then were only for emergencies, they chose books as the conduit for staying connected with their grandchildren.

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Trials of Life or Trials of Faith?

I’m working on absorbing a powerful testimony I heard given by a friend of mine with whom I’ve traveled through life for the past twenty years. As we sat in our pews listening, she volleyed one family trial after another onto our side of the congregational court:

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Do you ever have one of those memories where all your senses are captured? I have a tabouli memory like that! I was in high school spending a few days with my BFF at her grandmother’s home in a mountain village in Lebanon, as we were in the habit of doing during the summer. We were there for the National Holiday of Eid Al Saydeh, Feast of the Assumption, which also coincided with the grape harvest season.

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