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to a sanctuary of




My hope is for all to receive sanctuary and encouragement, including hospitality venues and ideas, conversational meditations, and organic gardening tips.  Topics will range from the deeply personal to the light and entertaining, but all with the purpose of uplifting you while encouraging you to think deeply.

Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting

Christmas Advent is a time of waiting. I volunteer in our church infant nursery during Sunday School. There's nothing like nestling with a newborn, their soft fuzzy heads laying just so on your chest, their padded bottoms cupped in your hand, feeling their butterfly...

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Hug In A Mug

Some of you don't have to wait as long as we do in Texas for that first cool snap to indulge in a mug of hot chocolate, the quintessential Christmas beverage. And why does it taste so much better from your favorite coffee shop than from your own home? Here's the...

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