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My hope is for all to receive sanctuary and encouragement, including hospitality venues and ideas, conversational meditations, and organic gardening tips.  Topics will range from the deeply personal to the light and entertaining, but all with the purpose of uplifting you while encouraging you to think deeply.

Mother’s Day

According to my young idealistic twenty-something-year-old self-assessment, I was positive that the most challenging aspect of raising my two, twelve-months apart boys was getting them through the first years of their lives, protectively shielding their little eggshell heads, driven by the anguished sense that death could swoop them away at any moment.

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Why Should I Tell My Story?

Twenty years ago, I wrote this story for me, for my healing. But I also had others in mind who I knew were out there, who might have walked in my shoes and needed validation, to be seen and feel safe in their vulnerability, to know that their feelings and experiences were authentic and not something to hide.

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Speak Your Truth, You’re a Witness

Witnessing is telling the truth about your first-hand experience. It’s sharing intertwined small vignettes of authenticity, like a pearl necklace. Each bead of truth on its own might not be of great import but laced together, becomes a credible story to tell.¬†Usually, the storytelling starts with a question asked, then the one who has witnessed the answers is inspired to share his/her experience. The pearls of answered questions ping one right after the other in the strength of their veritable purity.

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