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My hope is for all to receive sanctuary and encouragement, including hospitality venues and ideas, conversational meditations, and organic gardening tips.  Topics will range from the deeply personal to the light and entertaining, but all with the purpose of uplifting you while encouraging you to think deeply.

Stop and Smell the Roses

You know the expression, “stop and smell the roses?” I don’t tend roses anymore, except for the hardy stress-free climbers. Hybrid tea roses are too persnickety to feel at home in my wild and crazy chemical free garden. I’m waiting for botanists to create disease resistant roses that still retain their spicy sweet fragrance. Nevertheless, in the meantime, I have plenty of other flowers that show off just fine their mingled perfumes.

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Finger Paint With Your Peeps

I’ve reached a milestone today. . . Yay, it’s launch day for my book, Tell the Truth About Adultery. I can’t say that this is a dream come true, because adultery is not anyone’s desired dream. However, finding a publisher who believed in the merit of my story and taking a gamble on that story having an audience, well now, that is a dream come true!

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It Hurts

Chronic illness is exactly what it says; it is consistently vexing and continually troubling. I have lupus, a chronic autoimmune disorder that gifts me every few months with a new twist on its ramifications. Lupus’ symptoms don’t vanish with treatment, but ebb and flow depending on how diligent I am with self-care and how mercurial the progressive disease decides to be.

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