Butterfly migrations are in full swing and I’m desperately trying to keep native flowers blooming to fuel them on their journeys.

If you haven’t planted these essential sources of nectar for our lovely friends before, then here are a list of what is blooming now, despite this wretched drought and heat in my neck of the woods:

blue mist, butterfly weed, skull’s cap, coneflower, turk’s cap, passion vine, wild yellow cosmos, blackeyed suzans, coreopsis, and prairie verbena. 

Plant these seeds now in your prepared beds for next spring or transplant rootings next month after triple digit heat has subsided.

Which pollinators do you feed?

The true moments of life

Are instants of art and truth,

When one encounters something

That connects the inner soul

With the outer cosmos.

They are tender, fragile moments

And yet encounters full of power,

Flapping butterflies in sunshine,

Dancing magically to silent melodies,

Such powers are greater than time;

Such encounters transcend.

Some called it love,

Some call it confidence and

Some truly understand that

Therein lies faith.

Butterflies by Of the Dunes

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