The featured image in this post is a painting by Dmitri Wright entitled, In the Quiet of This Moment. He gifted it to me in 1987. It daily reminds me to be quiet and listen to the still quiet voice inside of me.

Are you as tired as I am by the bombarding edicts to do this or that, to be this or that, and to become this or that at the dawning of each new year? I certainly am!

It feels like the piercing noise pollution of a dentist drill, a screeching amber alert, a strident complainer, or an annoying infomercial. It makes me want to dive to the bottom of a pool, look up through the muffled filter of water, and stay cocooned in its quiet nether world. By the end of January, I’m ready to drown out the haranguing harassment of one more person’s solutions to my perceived life issues.

I get distracted by the next shiny fadish regiment, philosophy, and even meditation hype. When all along, I already have my own unique answers if I’d just dig deep enough, be still enough, and be quiet enough.

If I’m willing to be alone with God’s Spirit, to rest in His unique personalized answers, His universal teachings, His valid reassurances, then the road to thriving in and surviving through a new year is available. And I don’t even have to buy a new, mod, stylish, specific journal to chronicle my journey! An 89 cent spiral notebook will do just fine!

I invite you to travel with me through Galatians 5:22-23 in the coming weeks and re-discover the fruits of the Spirit within you.

“But the harvest of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, fidelity, gentleness and self-control.”


Are you more preoccupied with your own ideas, relationships, and bodies than you are with your own spiritual capacity?

When God gets us alone through suffering, heartbreak, temptation, disappointment, sickness, or by thwarted desires, a broken friendship, or a new friendship – when He gets us absolutely alone, and we are totally speechless, unable to ask even one question, then He begins to teach us.

Oswald Chambers

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