I was startled this morning when gazing out of my study study window at the hectic activity of the birds in my backyard as I sipped my jasmine tea. Watching their intricate lives with all their glorious colors and personalities flitting in and out of the bare brittle winter branches was quite a show! When I say ,”startled,” I don’t mean frightened, but I mean “stopped in my tracks!”

Some birds, like the precious chickadee, flit from one branch to another in an intricate dance towards the feeder and the water bath. Others, like the big bossy blue jay, dive bomb directly toward their intended target, pushing others out of the way.

It is only in the deep of winter when all the leaves have let go of their branches that I get to see this movie roll out in my backyard.  And when it snowed a couple of weeks ago, I was priveleged to have a pure white canvas against which the brilliance of the birds was poignantly visible.

I think we’re kind of like that. Our intrinsic brilliance doesn’t show up that much hidden in the midst of the lush spring of our lives when everything is flashing bright neon green. It’s only in the achingly brittle cold of hardships and stress that our true soul’s deep colors are obvious.

Are you dancing brilliantly as you search out your source of sustenance in the winter season of your life?

Be gracious to me, Oh God, be gracious; for I have made thee my refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of thy wings until the storms are past. I will call upon God Most High, on God who fulfills his purpose for me. He will send his truth and his love that never fails.

Psalms 57: 1-3

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