We are currently laughing in Texas that one of Canada’s weather children has lost her way and has ended up here in Texas.  We would like for her to return home! Seriously, we’ve been down in the twenties with highs barely out of the thirties. Our gardens and wildlife are struggling to survive. Some aspects have totally given up.

I’m gazing out of my kitchen window seeing flowers like snapdragons and pansies totally wilted and frozen. I can usually count on them to be perky all winter. Also, perennials that have berries and seed pods on which the birds can forage and feed are dropping their fruits. Birds are having to depend on our supplemental feedings.

Therefore, what better way to adorn naked trees and dead bushes than birdseed ornaments. It’s a fun grandchildren project for any winter day, especially the Christmas holidays when children are out of school and grandma’s home is a welcome respite from daycare.

You will need to start this project at the beginning of the day since it will take at least six hours for the ornaments to set. Or you can make it into a two-day adventure including a trip to your local library to research which birds will be looking for food in your area at this time of the year. Just think what a great subject your grandchild will have about which to write the infamous back to school essay entitled, “What I did during the Holidays.”

Start by mixing the unflavored gelatin per package directions. You can heat your water in a large glass bowl in the microwave to save on cleanup. Next, cool the gelatin mixture for twenty minutes. Mix the birdseed into the cooled gelatin. Tightly pack the mixed concoction into cookie cutters placed on a parchment-covered surface. Poke snipped straws through the top of the ornaments as a hole in which to insert twine or ribbon. Allow the ornaments to set for six hours. Gently remove the birdseed moulds from the cookie cutters. Finally, string twine or ribbon as hangers through the punched out holes.

Hang these festive ornaments on tree branches outside and enjoy the show as birds and squirrels nibble on what you’ve creatively provided. Our back yard menagerie deserves Christmas cookies as much as we do! 

On what are your backyard critters feeding?

2 cups birdseed

2 packages unflavoured gelatin

6 cookie cutters

parchment paper

snipped straws

twine or ribbon

Bird Seed Ornament Recipe

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