So many of us gardeners tend to concentrate on sunny beds for cultivating flowers, because sun-loving plants grow so prolifically basking in the sun’s nurturing rays. However, let’s not neglect our shady spots nestled under our trees and patio over-hangs!

Did you know that shade specific flowers as bulbs, annuals, and perennials show off their brilliance just as stunningly as their sun loving relatives and don’t burn themselves out quite so easily? Most shade loving flowers will bloom all Spring until the first frost in the Fall. Mine survive the broiling Texas sun with barely a skip in their heartbeat, protected by a shade tree’s canopy or a side porch’s overhang.

I will list only the tried and true flowers that have been work horses for me year after year. In this post’s picture you see purple oxalis, helleborus, sedum, and columbine.  The following categories of shade loving blooms are designated by bulbs, perennials, and annuals.

Bulbs: Calladium, Helleborus

Perennials: Ajuga, Columbine, Shrimp Plant, Turk’s Cap, Midnight Blue Sage, and Creeping Sedum

Annuals: Chamomile, tuberous begonia, dragon leaf begonia, impatians, and polka dot plant

I’m sure you’ll find many more examples of shade loving blooms on-line and in your nurseries, but I’ve only included the no-fuss ones that perpetually live in my garden, even after our unprecedented “snowmagedon” of 2020!


My favorite shade flower is columbine. What’s yours ?

Soft sunlight, a smooth gale,

A touch across the face, gently floating,

Enter the cloud bringing the shade,

Slowly lapping up the warm rays,

Those illusory colors remain untouched, for the reason no

cloud could ever give it shade

The rays, the seasons, and clouds kept gliding,

Yet the colors would never fade.


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