Why is fear spread exponentially faster than love?

How does a contagion spread?

Some scientists claim that diseases transmit in a linear or predictable pattern. In other words, what happened yesterday gives us a good sense of what to expect tomorrow. Others see contagion as a haphazard, irregular phenomenon; the same outputs can tip over quickly and randomly from one person to another and a minuscule unprecedented cluster of events can be responsible for the majority of consequences. Either way or both ways, diseases spread.

Let’s talk about the disease of fear.

Whew! No wonder we feel buried alive under a dump truck load of anxious fear! And when this contagious fear epidemic is loaded on top of the already exhausted arms carrying grief, something has to give. Maybe, just maybe, the grief and sadness that is swaddled in familial love blankets can be a starting point to repel fear.

When I quit trying to barricade my sadness, reassured that it is fortified with love, my sadness can lead me to others who become a bridge out of grief. Sharing and listening can be a therapeutical cure, repelling the variable of fear embedded in grief.

Fear is a lethal contagion. It paralyzes with the expectation of the worst-case scenarios, not allowing space for anything better. Stop listening to the tyranny of contaminating fear tapes running in your head. Instead, deliberately inoculate yourself with shared stories of how love healingly revives.

The disease of fear, whether spread predictably or randomly, is not omnipotent!

You be the antigen of love, the super-spreader of healing within your influence.


Which contagion are you spreading?

There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear.

1 John 4:18

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