I’m dividing and conquering iris bulbs today. Many gardeners don’t care for irises because they only bloom for a couple of months off and on. However, what a show they put on in the early spring when summer warmth is barely kissing the winter cold.

My local non-big-box-store nursery features each fall a trade, give away, and cash only iris day. My gardening buddy and I plan to be there bright and early when the Iris Society officially opens up for business!

How do you divide irises?

1. Using a sharp sided shovel, cut into the ground around your tightly compacted iris clumps.

2. Gently break away the soil exposing the tubers.

3. Break off individual tubers growing out of the original large bulb. You can also use a sharp knife at this point.

4. With sharp shears, trim off the greenery of each harvested tuber so you have a 3-4 inch fan-like top.

5. Replant, relocate if desired, and space out your new tubers in your iris bed.

6. Save some to share with fellow gardeners! Store the extra give-away bulbs in a brown paper lunch sack and label the iris color type, that is if you remember what it is from last spring!

How many iris varieties do you have?

On a road, I went, without direction so it seems.

To where a language I’ve never heard produced colors in my dreams,

To wander amongst barn-red tulips and Hawaiian blue irises, Moroccan green mint, alone and happy, as an undisturbed lake.

Sometimes the most beautiful things happen by mistake.

Greg Evans

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