Do you have a soggy boggy area in your back yard after a heavy rainstorm? Make your own picturesque dry creek bed and solve the water drainage problem. It took us most of a Saturday with a noon hamburger pit stop to finish our project.

First, follow the natural flow of how rainwater settles in your yard and scrape out the shape of the desired slight decline water drainage path through your garden space. Make it look as natural as possible; opt for curves, not straight borders. Use a feature you already have in your yard as a guide like the curve of an existing flower bed, the curve around a tree, or a meander to a destination point. Dig a trench along your scraped out surface. We used a flat end shovel for digging, but you might need a rototiller if your dirt is compact.

Second, line your dug trench with mesh weed cloth and anchor with large random stones. Make sure the cloth overlaps when necessary, goes up the sides of the trench, and covers all the exposed dirt.

Thirdly, fill the trench with river cobble or other rocks of your choice. We used white marble chips to complement the white trim on the chicken coop and garden shed. Generously spread the rocks over the mesh including going up the sides to create the appearance of natural washouts.

Sit back on your back porch in the evening and enjoy the stunning benefits of your hard work and a job well done creating a beautiful solution to a messy problem. Enjoy!

Did you ever imagine you would create a picturesque dry creek bed rambling through your own back yard?

flat end shovel

mesh weed cloth

large accent stones

river cobble or other small stones


Supplies for Dry Creek Bed

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