What’s a partner plant and why are French marigolds the best partner choice for any garden?

Companion or Partner Planting is a tried and true old-timey technique of intentionally cultivating plants together symbiotically to help each other. Agriculture based communities all over the world practice this method using their own unique indigenous plants.

I plant from seed marigolds as partners throughout my garden and every season, especially near the chicken coop to deter flies and mosquitoes, and in my vegetable patch to fight the ever-present bad critter battles under and above the soil surface. French marigolds’ neon colors are certainly striking, but they’re hard workers as well. The phrase, “beautiful inside and out,” comes to mind when I picture marigolds.

In the spring, I plant marigold seeds along with my tomato, squash, eggplant, and okra seeds to repel parasitic nematodes underground and hornworms, beetles, and squash bugs above ground. In the fall, I plant additional marigold seeds along with the still vigorous summer flowering marigolds to fight the onslaught of bugs like beetles, slugs, and leafhoppers who chow down on my lettuce, spinach, and swiss chard. 

What unique organic gardening tips can you share with our little community of readers?

Marigold tea is recommended for those who’ve been exposed to polluted air, eaten unhealthy food, or drunk unhealthy drinks. It flushes out toxins from the body,  cleanses the blood, reduces nausea, calms stomach ulcers, and helps regulate heart rate. 

Marigold Tea from Dried Blooms

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