June starts tomorrow! The days are longer, the children are out of school, the weather isn’t too hot yet, so close your eyes and imagine a perfect summer evening.

For me, one of my most enjoyable activities in the summer is time spent in the cool of an evening lounging around a pool with family and friends, serenaded by children’s laughter, inhaling the tantalizing aroma of burgers on the grill, and just chilling.

During the summer, the Life Groups from our church that usually meet once a week in homes, gravitate to outside and meet just once a month, normally combining several groups together. It’s a time to relax with no set agenda besides having a good time. These evenings mirror an ideal summer evening since I can’t be with my family that often.

On one such occasion, I indulged in the quintessential summer refreshment. It wasn’t a cold drink. It wasn’t chilled fruit. It wasn’t ice cream. It was the best of all worlds, Fruit Slush! I requested the recipe from our host and now I’d like to share it with you so that you also can punctuate your special summer get-togethers with this delight.

Mix all the ingredients of the recipe together in a huge container with a sealing lid and freeze. Thaw to serve just till slushy consistency. It’s the perfect ending to a summer meal or just a stand-alone refreshment at a pool party.Enjoy!

What’s in your summer treat?

1 large can frozen orange juice concentrate

l large can frozen lemonade concentrate

1 large can crushed pineapple

1 large bag frozen strawberries

5-6 sliced bananas

2 large cans mandarin oranges

l large can sliced peaches

1 cup frozen or fresh blueberries

2 juice cans of sprite

Fruit Slush

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