Gentleness is the 8th spiritual gift listed in Galatians 5:22-23. I’m ashamed to admit that the word gentleness reminds me of the many times I reacted in anger or frustration to my mom. And her comeback was consistently one of listening first and speaking next. She was firm but gentle in her responses. I don’t ever recall her retorting as in yelling or screaming.

Gentleness is the way Jesus interacted with people. He listened when Peter and John had a long explanation as to why they needed to sit on thrones on either side of Him in heaven. He listened to Martha’s impatient complaints with her sister’s lack of help in the kitchen. He listened to the rowdy, boisterous, curious children as they clamored for his attention. Nevertheless, He gathered them even closer.

Gentleness is personified by listening to God and listening to those He puts in our path.

My prayer is that I learn the way of gentleness and not revert to the world’s example of acting out of arrogance.

Today’s picture of the gentle, light touch of a butterfly is contributed by my photographer friend, Barbara Hamlin. All who know her have been on the receiving end of her gentleness!

Do others receive gentleness from me?

Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct, he should show his works done in the gentleness that wisdom brings.

James 3:13

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