Is there any science behind “grandma’s” habit of planting marigolds next to squash and cucumbers in her vegetable patch?

The answer is, “absolutely yes!”

A 2019 study proved that white flies were repelled by marigolds. The chemical limonine in marigolds deters the voracious, destructive white fly that even insatiable dragon flies can only eat so much of!

However, you have to plant these magical flower seeds and your vegetable seeds at the same time. Don’t wait till you have swarming white flies and hungry squash borers before running out to your local nursery, buying a six-pack of marigolds and then planting the already half grown companion plants.

I learned this first-hand the hard way. Previously, I had bought marigolds from the nursery and planted them AFTER the squash and cucumber seedlings had already come up. I wondered why my squash plants and cucumbers succumbed to disease before even flowering.

This year, after researching and learning more, I planted both flower and vegetable seeds simultaneously and look how they’re thriving! We picked our first cucumber this morning and have been eating squash all week.

Success at last!

Have you tried companion planting?

The marigold flower meaning varies across cultures, often symbolizing purity, divinity, and the connection between life and death. Their vibrant colors and strong fragrance make the marigold an essential part of various traditions, festivals, and gardening rituals worldwide.

In Summary

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