What a lovely gift I received this week. . . . a call from one of my ex students! A delightful celebratory conversation ensued! Afterwards, I spent some moments basking in gratitude while reminiscing about my own past teachers, those who had a profound influence on me. Thank you, my beloved teachers!

– the librarian who gently guided me towards books on my english reading level the year I transferred from an Arabic Language school to an English one

– the sixth grade teacher who opened my eyes to the unique joy of vocabulary through entymology

– the ninth grade English teacher who creatively taught grammar and writing techniques

– the tenth grade biology teacher who introduced us to the magical wonders of DNA as she exuberantly shared her excitement of this new discovery

– the high school teacher who brought to life the wonders of ancient civilizations and took us on fabulous field trips

– the art teacher who pulled out of us and nurutred creative gifts

– the college professor who became a personal mentor

– the grad school professor who insisted I go on to doctoral studies

– and these are just a few of the honorable mentions

In this season of “back to school,” I want to honor and encourage my teacher friends. You definitely make a difference in young lives!

Which teacher rocked your world?

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

Henry Brooks Adams

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