Getting older definitely has its benefits besides senior citizen discounts! At this stage, I have gratefully realized that I don’t have to audibly spill out in words what I really think, especially if it’s exceptionally raw. Being a grandma affords me the luxury to take a look at from where my words come, examine them, and release them in timely increments, if at all.

Service also looks different as we mature in years. Service for others comes from a place of abundance and is no longer the expression of my drive to discover identity in the praise of others. Been there, done that!

I’ve gotten old enough to see my children as people, and not just my children who I need to take care of.  It’s worth getting older to have this new vision-ability. It’s worth the creaks, pops, and wrinkles! My skin has the crinkled look of a retrieved thrown out wad of paper that someone has tried to flatten and smooth out but to no avail.

I want my earned wrinkles to go up in surprise and anticipation with a little squinty grin at the ends, not down in angst with the gravity of grumpiness. I want my aura to be one of invitation, not standoffishness. I want my demeanor to welcome young people to voice their passions, grievances, and dreams and in return receive validating encouragement supporting their idealistic causes.

Catherine Hyde in Jump Start the World reflects on our hindsight as elders. She quips that aging is a time to reflect with gratitude knowing in our brittle bones that, “our mistakes were a good thing. It means we were brave enough to try something really hard!”

Do your wrinkles go up or down?

I said to myself, ‘age should speak, and length of years should make wisdom known.’

Job 32:7

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