This is my second blog post about anxiety this month. Maybe September is doing a number on us as we try to get back into the groove of school and work after summer vacations.

Being daily energized by reactive living is exhausting! Remember the little pink energizer bunny that went on and on and on, longer than any other battery? Do you give permission to others to beat the drum, clash the cymbals, and replenish your anxiety batteries?

We spend so much time immersed in angst, defensively reacting to something someone said or did when it’s not about us at all, but about whatever battles with which they are struggling.Taking the high road doesn’t mean being the better person. It means claiming your oneness with Christ and freeing yourself from reactionary living. Christ is walking on the high road. Maintain a hold of His grip. Quit taking solitary, meaningless detours, traveling in the cozy, well-used, anxious ruts of your own fabrication.

Taking on others’ issues and making them a part of your personal psyche in the form of defensiveness and/or martyrdom produces needless anxiety every time. Maintaining victimhood is hard labor! Give yourself a break.

Will I permit this adopted anxious personality to continue as before, or will I let pain inspire the changes that catapult me to grow?

He who inspires you is greater than he who inspires the godless world.

1 John 4:4

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