Through trial and error, I’ve figured out that the healthiest flowers for the extreme, spur of the moment, erratic, fluctuating Texas weather are those cultivated either as hardy, fall-planted perennials, or direct seed in the ground annuals, preferrably ones that self-seed!

One of my favorite self-seeders is larkspur. In Texas, they show themselves in early March and last through May and into the first weeks of June. Larkspurs vary in color from deep purple to violet. This year, I even had some white and pink. I’ll be sure to save those seeds!

If you live in the Central Texas area, come by this week and harvest some for your own garden. I have plenty to share!

What is your favorite self-seeding bloom?

An old man sits

In the shadow of a pine tree

He sees larkspur,

Blue and White,

At the edge of the shadow,

Move in the wind.


Wallace Stevens

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