Your early summer, late spring vegetables are ready for harvest. Stand on your porch. Gaze out on your abundant fresh produce and figure out the answer to the most frequently asked question. “What’s for supper?”

If you don’t have a garden yet, no problem.  Attack grocery shopping with the same attitude. Look around. The vegetables and fruits with the cheapest prices are the ones in season and are at their peak of flavor and freshness. 

Do you have zucchini coming out of your ears? Make zucchini parmesan sticks, bake zucchini bread, and put the extra loaves in the freezer.

Has the mint and parsley become a forest? Make tabouli or an easy meatloaf or kafta kabob.

Do you have a bushel of beans? Cook green beans and new potatoes with some bacon drippings. Yum!

Are you overrun with greens like turnip, chard, or kale? Simmer them slow and low with sausage links, onion, and garlic.

Are your peppers and tomatoes ripe at the same time? Make a batch of salsa.

A rule of thumb; menu plan according to what’s in season, not from a pre-determined grocery list. Make meal planning into a seasonal adventure instead of relying on fast food, frozen meals, same thing day in and day out ho-hum boring meals. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the enhanced flavor of your meals just because you’re picking fruits and vegetables in season. Enjoy your new perspective!

What’s for supper?

The glory of gardening; hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.

Alfred Austin

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