Think back on the people who have influenced you the most. Pull up their faces. Recall their imprints on your soul. These are the ones who have gone about living like “the lilies of the field,” simply and gratefully. These are the impressions that mold and shape us.

My mom lived in such a way. She attended to the tasks before her, concentrating on gratitude, focusing on her faith, and beautifying those she touched. Julia Cleone Saccar Graham, – oh, the myriad lives you nurtured!

If you want to be of use in this distraught world, keep your face turned to the source of your light, just as the lilies turn their faces each day towards the sun, grateful for its life-giving rays. Who benefits from their gratitude? All of us who witness a lily’s unassuming, yet brilliant beauty.

Be the lily in someone’s life today.

What does your face reflect?

I will be like the dew. . . I will blossom like a lily. . . like a cedar of Lebanon, I will send down roots.

Hosea 14

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