In Texas, we’re already experiencing a smattering of 90 degree weather days. Our super-charged spring flowers are fading away, making room for summer perennials, stalwart annuals, and ever-present volunteer seedlings from last year. April showers have passed, so what are our May flower bed chores?

1. Remove spent growth from volunteers like larkspur, bachelor buttons, columbine, and poppies. Place the  securely tied plants upside down in a pillow case to hang and dry in a tool shed or garage. The seeds will fall out into the bottom of the sack and spend the summer and winter drying out to plant again next February.

2. Cut back your spring bulb greenery like iris into a 6 inch fan shape. Nutrients and energy will be spent on multiplication of bulbs instead of keeping the fronds green all summer. The bulbs will be ready to divide and replant in the cooler fall months.

3. Dead head spring blooming ground covers like sedum and ajuga to allow continued thickening and spreading of the green parts during the summer.

4. In the now cleared areas, plant zinnia, cockscomb, cosmos, amarynth, and marigold seeds which will continuously bloom till late Fall. Don’t forget to plant some flower seeds in your vegetable beds to promote pollination of your summer vegetables.

5. Enjoy chilling outside in the cooler May evenings and watch the hummingbirds, butterflies, dragon flies, and lightening bugs kiss your garden “good night!”

How will you enjoy your outdoor space this summer?

A little seed for me to sow

A little earth to make it grow

A little hole, a little pat, a little wish, and that is that

A little sun, a little shower

A little while and then the flower

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