I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how effective marigolds are as companion plants in a vegetable garden because they’re particularly effective against root-knot nematodes as well as a deterrent to unwanted foraging worm or insect activity.

However, this year, I’m allowing my raised beds to go fallow and cover plant them with marigolds to enrich the soil with compounds that fight many parasitic species. In other words, marigolds can nourish the soil as well as being a non-specific repellent.

Yes, marigolds shun nematodes when sown as companion plants.

Yes, marigolds are an effective soil enrichment cover crop when turned under after a growing season.

Yes, having a marigold cover crop means that the soil gets a rest from the depleting stress of growing annual vegetables.

Yes, the scent of marigolds attracts pollinators to encourage them to lay eggs on their leaves instead of on the more sensitive vegetables.

Yes, marigolds aesthetically lift our spirits and embody all the rich fall colors.



Can you think of any reason not to plant marigolds?

The many meanings of marigold flowers are:

the beauty and warmth of the rising sun,

despair over the loss of love,

winning the affections of someone special, and

success through hard work.

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