Last Sunday, instead of regular Sunday School, we had a potluck breakfast in the fellowhip hall. I found myself sitting out of the way conversing with a friend who happened to ask me how I handled anxious thoughts. I did not hesitate with my answer.

“As soon as I can, I delve into one of my passions which replaces the anxious thoughts with concentration on the creative task at hand.” She’s an artist, so she totally understood where I was coming from!

As you’ve read my blogs before, you know that one of my great passions is gardening. My favorite gardening days start with a cup of tea in hand, wandering wonderingly the pathways and small destinations in my yard. The day is empty of responsibilities; it unfolds gloriously without a fixed plan.

Gardening gives me a chance to escape my “to do lists” which I confess, I love to make! Losing track of time in the garden is not a deliberate decision, it just happens. I dead-head spent blooms not because it’s compulsory for the health of the plant, but because the emerging buds ask me to give them more space. It reminds me that I need to snip off my worries to make space for creative thoughts.

In slow, meandering gardening days, little jobs like feeding and watering the chickens get done not because they’re on a list, but because they present themselves and kindly request attention.

Slow gardening is a feast for the senses, a time for reflection and prayer, a stretching of body and soul, and a deep cleansing, thankful breath.

Which activity do you do and you lose track of time while you’re doing it? That is your passion! 

Then (I) heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.

Genesis 3:8

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