In counting my blessings this week, at the top of my list is my husband. Twenty years ago, before I had reconnected with him (we were childhood playmates), and after my divorce, I wrote some words describing what I longed for in a partner. I’m resurrecting those words today to share with you. They definitely are fulfilled in my husband of eighteen years, Timothy Walker Smith.

“I would like the luxury of the company of one who can understand me, whose eyes can reply to mine. I want someone with me, a gentle yet courageous companion, possessed of a cultivated as well as capricious mind, giving and kind, and loving me for who I am – not with an agenda of how I can be altered to fit his needs.

I have a love for the spiritual. I need a companion to match or exceed my ardour. I have a love for the marvellous, a belief in the miraculous, intertwined in all my projects, which hurries me out of the common pathways, even into the scary unknown, the ambiguous regions of the future. Is this too much to ask?”

My dreams of a life partner are totally fulfilled in Tim, and I’m overflowing with gratitude for how God brought us together. I’m thankful that “in his eyes, I am as one who brings contentment.” (Song of Solomon 8:10)

Count your blessings with your family and friends this Thanksgiving. Give God the glory for His miraculous ways!  

I’m repeatedly struck with gratitude for the second half of my life shared with this man. I sit in awe and overwhelming thanksgiving for my husband, because “in his eyes, I am one who brings contentment.” (Song of Solomon 8:10)

To whom do you sing your ode of thanksgiving?

My beloved is fair and ruddy, a paragon among ten thousand. His aspect is like Lebanon, noble as cedars. 

Song of Solomon 5:10, 16

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