My book, Tell the Truth About Adultery, is coming out June 28th, so I feel the need to let you know what’s behind the curtain of my writing.

When I start writing in my head in the early dawn hours when the rest of the house is still asleep, the center of me is warmed by a cup of jasmine tea and I’m lifted up in anticipation of putting to pen what is marching through my head. I feel myself rising up, floating out of my comfy chair in giddy anticipation before I even pick up my favorite pen and spiral notebook to write the words down.

Sometimes the words tumble out, vying for first place on the paper, chasing each other as a story races out. Other times, the words are just phrases, snippets, nibbles around the edges of a thought that promises future development.

I’ve certainly learned that the world is not hanging precariously by its fingers waiting to hear what I think! If what I have to say resonates with anyone, then my heart is full. By telling my story, I hope to gift you with the courage to tell your story, and your listeners to follow up and tell theirs. 

Maybe the telling of my truth about my joys and pain will free you to be authentic and authoritatively content in your own presence, encouraging bravery, enabling you to step out and flourish in all your glory!

How have you found your voice?

…and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

John 8:32

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