I made the mistake of settling in a bit too comfortably in quarantine. In our little peaceful cocoon, I got used to the routine, calming cadence so much that I forgot about the angst of normal life. I was lulled into a nap. The nap was a respite from the drama in which the outside world lives. I’m not talking about the covid drama nor the valid demonstrations drama. I’m referring to the drama in which some people choose to continuously live. They do not want to “stage left” from their play. These actors want to suck you into their drama and make you over into a main character. No thanks!

Therefore, I again need to build: to reconstruct specific boundary fences, to reinforce my essential prayer scaffold, and to remodel my outdated perspective. How do I approach this construction project? I do so with the foundational, essential, concrete building blocks of prayer.

How does this prayer practice work? Think of your body and what functions keep you alive. Prayer is like the breath in and out of our lungs and the pumping blood from our hearts. Our blood keeps flowing and our breathing continues “without ceasing.”

Prayer is not limited to an exclusive exercise, for a specific time, and in a designated space. It is the essential, ongoing, never-ending acknowledgement of God’s presence. As you breathe, as your heart pumps, so you pray.

How do you pray?

Pray continuously (without ceasing). . . Do not stifle inspiration and do not despise prophetic utterances, but bring them all to the test (scaffold) and keep what is good in them and avoid the bad kind (fences and boundaries).

1 Thessalonians 5: 17-22

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