Joy is the second “fruit of the Spirit” as listed in Galatians 5:22. Joy is my own personal beam of sunshine, daily warming me through tribulation or the reprieve from thereof.

I can be out working the soil in my yard, especially during the harsher fall and winter seasons, on a cold, damp day when a ray of sunshine slices through the brooding clouds. It hits my back and I stop my playing in the dirt to enjoy its penetrating warmth. 

Joy is pausing in the moment, absorbing the healing warmth, recognizing its source, and inhaling its rich aroma reflecting off of the soil. Joy is sitting back on my knees resting, being grateful, closing my eyes, turning my face to the sun, satiated by His offerings.

The picture of golden sunshine in this post is graciously provided by Jim Kirkendal, a long time childhood friend.


Do I stop in the “busy” ness of life to recognize God’s gift of joy, much less absorb its healing rays?

 Heavenly sunlight, heavenly sunlight, 

Flooding my soul with glory divine;


I am rejoicing,

Singing His praises,

Jesus is mine.

H.J. Kelley, 1859-1942

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