It has been cold, I mean really cold in Texas this month, like down in the twenties, perfect weather for a cup of tea.

How cold has it been? It’s been so cold that the local grocery store’s end of the aisle displays are all about chili: canned chili, chili mixes, saltine crackers, and tortillas!

How cold did you say? It’s been so cold that I had to click on the car windshield wipers to swish away snowflakes!

How cold is it really? It’s been so cold that I saw my birds pecking at the discarded sunflower seed hulls frozen into the sheet of ice clinging to their bird bath! 

The first thing I do on such mornings is turn on the electric tea kettle in preparation for my first cup of tea. Right under the kettle is a drawer full of an assortment of teas to fit any mood or time of day. However, recently, I’ve resurrected a long lost old recipe from the 60’s for spiced tea. Remember when Tang was so popular that the astronauts took it with them to the moon, or so the advertisement claimed? Today, you’re hard pressed to find Tang in the grocery store but have to search for a powdered orange drink instead. Why am I talking about Tang? Because it’s a primary ingredient in this spiced tea recipe.

Nevertheless, this cup of spiced tea is certainly well received on chilly days and it only takes 1-2 teaspoons per hot mug of water. Storage is easy as well. After mixing up the ingredients, store in an airtight container. I like to serve it with a thin slice of orange or lemon floating on top of the steaming cup.

It never fails; everyone who picks up a cup of this tea is drawn to its enticing aroma, bends his/her head down, inhales the aromatic steam, and blows on the surface while anticipating the first sip. Grab a friend and toast in the last month of a Texas winter with a cup of hot spiced tea sure to melt the shivers right out of your bones.

When is the last time you welcomed someone into your home with a cup of tea?

1/2 cup instant tea

2 cups instant orange drink mix

1 small packet unsweetened lemonade Koolaid

2 1/2 cups sugar

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cloves

Spiced Tea Mix

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