I have a long history with St. Augustine Grass!

We were flying back home from the US to Lebanon when I was nine. I am the lowest tread on a stairwell of four sisters, all within five years of each other in age. Back then, we dressed up to travel: four poofy dresses, four pairs of polished shoes (mine were Mary Jane’s), and four carry-ons of choice. I gripped my Thumbelina doll in one hand and her pink case in the other.

However,…..Thumbelina’s pink, plastic case was packed full of St. Augustine grass plugs, not baby doll accessories! Yes, you heard me correctly – grass rootings!

Daddy was so impressed with green grass growing in both shade and the Texas hot sun that he was determined to bring some back home to plant under our backyard grape arbor in the hills of Lebanon. Mom, on the other hand, vehemently protested the idea of “smuggling,” but Finlay thought it an ingenious idea!

“No one will bother a little girl carrying her doll case through Beirut’s airport custom’s terminal,’ he said.

Thus began my history with St. Augustine!

I still favor it for the hot days of Texas where I water just twice a week when no rain falls.  I don’t have expanses of lawn, but just use St. Augustine as little green accent islands conneccting my perennial beds, raised veggie beds, and herb groupingss.

The following are suggestions for easy care St. Augustine.

1. Mow on the highest level of your mower.

2. Do NOT use turf builder or persticides.

3. Sprinkle Corn Gluten Meal in early fall and spring to promote a thick thatch which deters weeds as well.

4. Pull out occasional weeds by hand. I give these weeds to my chickens for a snack.

That’s my story of St. Augustine Grass and I’m sticking to it!

What is your preferred ground cover?

The grass of my youth

Was well used.

I ran across it

All the time.

It was that green, green grass.

I played ball on it.

And ran fast.

Us children screamed and yelled there.

I grew up and then

It was grass to walk on.

We strolled across it.

We sat down on it.

This also green, green grass,

Was so lovely.

It was the grass of older age.

It was the grass of life.

Vera Sidhwa

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