Have you lost your voice, not the hoarse throat variety, but the intuition voice, the voice that provides road signs pointing the way towards bountiful joy and healing?

I need to declutter the space in my soul where my voice lives, just as I decluttered my pantry this last week. My husband is a great cook, so when he gets to hankering for a certain food, he makes his grocery list, glances in the pantry, and assumes we don’t have what he needs because he can’t see it. Consequently, we end up with doubles and triples of the same item! GRRRRRR!

Therefore, my solution was to take everything out, clean the shelves thoroughly, purchase some expanding three step shelf organizers, and I went to work. I put the spices in alphabetical order within type groupings, as well as the most used items upfront. If we open the pantry door today, we can easily and quickly see what we have.

What an appropriate simile for decluttering the space in my soul where junk is hiding my voice!

Our cultural emphasis on intellect, logic, appearances, and resasoning often crams our voice into the back of the closet where we forget it’s even there! We forget to access its presence. We forget to practice quiet meditation, contemplation, prayer, and listening.

It’s time to clean out the world’s narcissistic nuisansances which pay rent in our heads, demanding distractions, and clanging criticisms. It’s time to uncover our suffocating souls, rediscover our spiritual voice, and pay attention to her stillness and calm.



What or who is choking out your still small voice?

Pay attention and listen to me; be silent, and I will speak.

Job 3:31

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