I’m at the tail end of making quilts for my grandchildren. This project started last January when Christmas themed material was on clearance.

Quilting is piecing together, retelling hearts’ desires. I concentrate on each child:

What tales do they tell about themselves?

Towards which colors do they gravitate?

What memories do we share?

The answers to these questions solidify the themes of each quilt. They stitch together memories both the here and now ones, and those still hoped for! Quilts can be like those prayers we say over and over again, a mantra, a rosary for that certain person. Maybe if we say these prayers often enough, they’ll become a realized truth, like the finished quilt, showing off its repeated pattern.

As a mom, grandmother, aunt, and friend, I won’t leave much behind in the world to show I’d actually been here; only memories will remain that my loved ones might spin into yarns. Even my name is not passed on to my children since they bear their father’s last name. 

But my quilts, now those are some tangible piece of me I can pass on!

What tangible legacy are you passing on?

I thank God always for all of you as I mention you constantly in my prayers.

1 Thessalonians 1:2

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