I am struck by the way the sun feels this afternoon, pressing the damp cold winter out of the greening grass and the stone pavers. It’s simultaneously burdening and encouraging the trees to squeeze out their buds. My huge tabby cat luxuriates as he stretches out plastered to the radiating flagstone sidewalk, only moving his eyes as he traces my gardening footsteps.

Today’s sunlight rests on my hard-at-work shoulders, heavy and deep, the way my cat lies in my lap so familiar and warm. The sun tells me that it’s safe now to sow my seeds. Winter has truly passed, or has it?

These spring sun vignettes remind me of how a good conversation feels; excavating the buried familiar, celebrating the warm commonalities, massaging the differences, and leaving the encounter satisfyingly satiated.

As we emerge from our 2020 confinement and into spring of 2021, intentionally seek out those conversations that have lain dormant. Bask in the sunshine of mutually appreciated warmth and explore new and thoughtful ideas that have been perculating in the shrouded darkness of 2020. Put on sundresses, pull up shorts, and slip into flip flops from what seems like seasons ago. Stride out hand in hand under the massaging sunbeams of hope-filled tomorrows!

There’s an old hymn that sings, “Tho’ clouds may gather in the sky, and billows round me roll, however dark the world may be, I’ve got sunlight in my soul” (Judson VanDeVenter).

Which friend will you seek out today?

Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for a person to see the sun.

Ecclesiastes 11:7

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