How can we bring rejuvenating hope back into our lives during these dark, confining days of quarantine? My youngest granddaughter reminded me how.

 She has delightfully dubbed the freshly hung out to dry sheets on her bed at our home “sunshine sheets.” Try saying that three times!

 She snuggles into her bed just before her heavy lids close into the oblivion of childhood sleep, inhales deeply, sighs, and whispers, “Ahhhhh, I love my sunshine sheets.”

Sometimes it’s just that minuscule sniff of thankful contentment that reminds us that this too shall pass. So, bring in the purifying sunshine and allow the whiff of hope to be a cleansing breath for your buttoned-up anxious soul.

 Sunshine sheets flapping in the breeze remind me that I am free to the very core of my being. Let’s be energized by our innermost soul power that comes from identification with our spiritual essence.

 For our purposes, “if the Son (sun) makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

How will you bring the sun in during these dark days?

I’ll tell you how the sun rose

A ribbon at a time

The steeples swam in amethyst

The news, like squirrels, ran

The hills untied their bonnets

The bobolinks begun

Then said softly to myself,

“That must have been the sun!”

Emily Dickenson

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