I love to read. Stories fascinate me. When words are juxtaposed just right within a narrative, they jump out at me and I get the “goosies!” I have spiral notebooks full of exquisite phrases and sentences gleaned from reading. These words are powerful. They make me stop and think, mull over a new idea, soak in a relatable epiphany, and absorb a fresh perspective on a familiar concept.

This last week, while driving to and from an out of town Dr’s appointment, I had the radio on the PBS station as usual. Through the airwaves, I was transported to Congressman John Lewis’ funeral service. I desperately wanted to stop off of the highway, grab a notebook, and write down all the golden word nuggets expressed therein through song and eulogy. But I had to keep going and rely on my memory to take in the exquisite turn of phrase or poetic hymn which stopped my mind in its tracks. 

The poignant, memorable words coming at me reminded me of the childhood game of Tag. The words chased me down and “tagged” me. I stopped, received the moniker “it,” scoped my surroundings, and searched for the next thing I was to do.

Listening to the radio, I was simultaneously soothed and challenged by the words attributed to Congressman Lewis. Here are some of the words that chased me down:

“Realm of tribute leads to the realm of action”

“Better, truer version of ourselves”

“Battlefield of justice”

“Righteous purpose”

“Dent their dignity”

“Learning, once you get it into your head, no one can take it away from you”

Maybe you will be “tagged” as I was and come away with a refreshed “it” responsibility. 

Have you been “tagged”?

Acquire wisdom, acquire understanding; do not forget and do not turn aside from the words I speak.

Proverbs 4:5

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