Charcuterie boards are all the rage, as you well know! But how about adapting this entertaining trend to picnics and tailgating?

1. Keep it Cool – Use ice packs and insulated large containers.

2. Keep it Convenient – To save time, take advantage of pre-cut up fruits and veggies in your fresh produce aisle, as well as cubed cheese and meat assortments in your grocery deli.

3. Keep it Ecological – Re-purpose containers you already have around the house: tackle boxes, tool chests, plastic crafting storage units, even use portable make-up organizers.

4. Keep it Personal – Choose themed regional cuizines:

– Mediterranean (labne, hummus, feta cheese, mortadela, country string cheese, sliced cucumbers, fresh mint leaves, carrot sticks, pickled turnips, mini dills, olives, fresh fruit in season, dried apricots, dates, pistachios, walnuts, pita chips)

– Italian (salami, pancetta, mozarella, fontini, olives, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, pesto, ricotta dip, almonds, walnuts, grapes, dried figs, pickled lemons, bread sticks, crostini)

– Old World English (smoked fish, sliced assorted smoked sausages, ham, sharp cheddar cheese, assorted mustards, baby gherkins, berry jams, scotch eggs, mini scones, crackers, oat cakes, short bread, creamed cheese, sliced apples, fresh berries, hazel nuts)

– American (ham, turkey, cranberry compote, cheddar cheese, pecans, pimento cheese, deviled eggs, stuffed jalapenos, assorted fresh veggies, seasonal fruit, rye crisps, toasted triangles, mini dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, pigs in a blanket)

Your creativity knows no bounds with containers and ingredients!  

What are your favorite charcuterie ingredients?

Pack up the basket

With nice food to eat,

A red and white blanket

To act as our seat.

Cool drinks for drinking

If we get too hot,

It’s time for a picnic,

Let’s find the right spot!

Picnic in Summer

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