We brought home a new collection of chicks this year to replace our older hens who had quit laying. This new menagerie is a funny looking eclectic bunch with goofy personalities to match their now awkward-looking teenage selves.

This morning, as I watched their silly antics, I thought of the infamous Chicken Little of childhood Golden Book fame. Chicken Little thought the sky was falling when an acorn fell on her head. She ran around the barnyard recruiting her community to rally with her against this inevitable tragedy fixing to befall on them.

It’s easy to set off a chicken into panic mode! My chickens are easily swayed and startled by anything that comes in or around their coop, whether it’s a pecan falling on their heads, a cat strolling by, or a squirrel leaping on the branches of the shade tree sheltering them from the hot sun.

Chicken Little reminds me of most of us navigating through this current pandemic. We need all of our “barnyard community” to assuage our fears! We exhaust ourselves circling our coop, announcing to all the “gloom and doom” narrative perpetually occupying our anxious thoughts. The moral of the story is to have courage, help our friends, even when it feels like the “sky is falling!”


Are you showing the histrionic, “all or nothing” traits of Chicken Little?

Let your magnanimity be manifest to all. The Lord is near, have no anxiety, but in everything make your requests known to God in prayer and petition with thanksgiving. Then the peace of God, which is beyond our utmost understanding, will keep your thoughts, in Christ Jesus. And now my friends, all that is just and pure, all that is lovable and gracious, whatever is excellent and admirable, fill all your thoughts with these things.

Philippians 4: 5-7

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