I’ve been asked to do the flowers this week for a backyard wedding. I’m honored to do so and can’t wait to pick the seasonal blooms in my yard. Here is the step-by-step “how to part” of assembling a bridal bouquet.

1. Walk around the yard in the late evening or early morning with a bucket of cool water and sharp clippers. Survey what is available and start visualizing possibilities.

2. I like to start with the greenery, for that’s the scaffolding of the bouquet. I’m choosing sage, oregano, and lemon verbena, all delicious bass notes to underscore the lighter floral scents.

3. Next, I select bushier type flowers like yarrow and celosia as accents and a backdrop for the main blooms.

4. The larger blooms are the star visual attraction: snapdragons, daisies, cosmos, and pom pom marigolds.

5. Arrange the bridal bouquet by gathering the stems one at a time in one hand, making sure you have a balanced grouping in color, size, and variety.

6. Secure the stems with a piece of floral wire. You will need a second set of hands for this (thank you Tim)! Cut the bundle of stems to the desired length and wrap securely with green floral tape.

7. Keep the bouquet in the refridgerator in water till right before needed.

8. Lastly, tie a ribbon or piece of lace around the stems to cover tape. I like to tie a double bow and let the ends trail a bit.


Trust your creativity. Can you make a bouquet?

Flowers have been a key part of the bridal look since the ancient Romans when they started carrying and wearing floral garlands to their nupitals as a symbol of fertility, fidelity, and new beginnings. In the Middle Ages, brides carried a combination of herbs and spices with the flowers to fight off unlucky spirits. The bridal bouquet became universally popular when Queen Victoria carried a small clutch of flowers at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. Today, the selection of flowers has become a focal point for the bride and groom, keeping in mind colors, availability of seasonal blooms, and the meaning behind certain flowers.


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