I peek under the brown, frost burnt leaves and cross my fingers hoping to see some green underneath my blackened ice-storm-damaged perennials. What’s normally evergreen is more like ever-black this year.

March is usually a scurry of. garndening activity in Central Texas. But not this year! All my gardening podcasts, gardening FB groups, and nursery experts are telling me, “wait! Be patient! Don’t do anything till April!” Do you know how hard that is when the weather is glorious? How can I possibly not garden this month?

Therefore, this is a list of what we antsy gardeners can do:

1. Use your favorite weed extractor and attack those persistent weeds decorating your still brown, thatched lawn.

2. Keep making compost.

3. Prepare portions of beds around the perennials for sowing warm weather annual seeds.

4. Make your last order of seeds for spring and summer planting. Don’t ditch those glossy seed catalogues yet!

5. Dump the old dirt from your last year’s pots into the completed compost bin (I have three bins for different stages of maturity) and make your own new and enriched organic potting soil.

6. Decide what new herbs and vegetables you will plant this year and make your nursery list. Avoid impulse buys!

7. Wait for a pretty day and do a deep spring clean of your gardening shed or storage area.



Which plant’s demise are you mourning?

With winter’s footprints in the past,

and snows begin to melt at last.

With longer days and shorter nights,

the wayward winds of March take flight…..

She tears a hole in heaven’s sky,

so sun can shine and rain can cry.

She gently calms as spring draws near,

as blooming daffodils appear.

She welcomes April showers in,

then gathers up her dwindling winds.

Now her long journey home begins.

Patricia L. Cisco

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