Survival is the name of the game!

How can I support my garden in this outrageous heat wave besides going out only in the early morning hours?

1. Watering – Water deeply and thoroughly at least twice a week. Our current water restrictions limit us to this bi-weekly regiment.

2. Pruning – Cut back and remove dead flower stalks and unattractive growth on perennials. Dead head regularly. Don’t forget to add this discarded gold to your compost pile!

3. Planting – Don’t even think about planting or transplanting this month! Cooler weather may be on the horizon, but it’s definitely not here yet.

4. Mulching – Keep beds mulched upt to 3-4 inches. Not only does this help control weeds and conserve soil moisture, but it also helps prevent the soil from absorbing and retaining extreme heat.

5. Tending Vegetables – When a vegetable crop is finished, pull it up and throw it in the compost bin if it is disease free. Mulch the exposed soil thoroughly. Deep water your surviving vegetable plants for fall production. For me, these include: armenian cucumbers, yard long green beans, peppers, eggplant, okra, and cherry tomatoes.

6. Fertilizing – Don’t fertilize anything this month. It’ll burn your crops!

Eventhough it has been the hottest summer on record, plants suited to your area will still fight to survive. Give them the support they need.



What needs extra attention in your yard this month?

Yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.

Proverbs 6:8

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