This morning, I needed to feel smarter than myself, so I tuned into “Ted Talks” on my morning walk. It thumped through my earbuds with each step, step, step around my neighborhood. The featured scientist was explaining “what makes us. . . us?” He predictably started with the acronym DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Boom! I had a flashback to Mrs. Rigby’s 9th-grade biology class at ACS (American Community School) in Beirut, Lebanon.

She was bursting with excitement while writing D…N…A…across the blackboard and emphatically snapped the chalk in half on her ending exclamation point!

“This is a brand-new discovery,” she exclaimed, “It’ll change everything we thought we knew about who we are.” She went on to draw a twisted ladder called a double helix and in awe introduced us pubescent 9th graders to two brainy acts named Watson and Hix. We were swept up in her enthusiasm with no inkling of the portent of the moment.

Back to the present.

I was so engrossed in my flashback that I lost track of the lecture still going on in my ears. I reversed and resumed listening and walking. I heard terms like genome, CRISPR, fascinating and elightening stuff! 

My take away? We’re fearfully and wonderfully made, and we’ve lost track of our uniqueness as we speed through our lives from one important activity to another. Read the whole of Psalms 139. 

P.S. You know approximately how old I am, where I’m from, that I’m a morning person, and that I’m not a gym rat!

Does being known so thoroughly give you comfort? Can you celebrate your uniqueness?

Oh Lord, you examine me and know me. You know when I sit down and when I get up; even from far away you understand my motives. You carefully observe me when I travel or when I lie down to rest; you are aware of everything I do.

Psalms 139: 1-3

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