I was flipping through some old journal writings and came across an entry I had written after visiting my mom in her assisted living apartment. She had been legally blind for at least a decade, so bringing a new person to visit presented a challenge. As usual, she faced and leaped over that hurdle. In introducing my friend to her, I commented that she was newly awakened to her spiritual self and had a lot of questions. My mom’s initial facial expression had been anxious in anticipation of conversing with a new person without the benefit of sight. But on hearing my comment, she relaxed into the moment, anticipating the ensuing conversation.

As mom sightlessly but with holy insight gazed into my friend’s core, she said, “Life is not always as clear as when you first open up our heart. But remember this, as long as you are doing what God wants you to do, He will take care of the details.”

Then, like water gently flows over river rocks, the stories unfolded over the afternoon. I settled into the warm embrace of my mom’s familiar voice sharing how God’s provisions in her life had always been consistent despite what seemed like insurmountable odds. I welcomed and absorbed the mystical aura of the nurturing, power charged words which my mom laid on us with her storytelling.

Today, on revisiting this memorable afternoon, I am again energized by my mom’s words and recognize them for the blessing they are and will be in perpetuity.


How are your words being a blessing for your children?

For a blessing is the inheritance to which you yourselves have been called.

1 Peter 3:9

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