Did you know that one dragonfly can eat 100 mosquitoes a day?

On these muggy, warm summer evenings, when mosquitoes love to chow down on us, swarms of dragon flies will suddenly appear, dive- bombing and scooping up bugs in a matter of 15-20 minutes right before the enchanting lightening bugs show up, that is if you’re an organic gardener and haven’t murdered indiscrimantly all your backyard bugs!

By the way, your sprays, coils, and zappers aren’t near as efficient as dragonflies and do more dammage than good! Watch nature’s show instead and plant your garden with flowers that attract the prey for dragon flies.

1. Blackeyed suzans

2. Milkweed

3. Salvia

4. Yarrow

5. Lillies

6. Bluemist

And be sure to provide water sources at different heights and levels. Your mosquitoe problem will almost dissapear plus you’ll have a free show every summer evening till darkness falls!

Have you watched the breaking news in your backyard lately instead of that which is on cable tv?

Spend time near the water

Be colorful

Enjoy a good reed

Zoom in on your dreams

Appreciate long summer days

Keep your eyes open

Just wing it!

Advice From a Dragonfly

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