It’s Baylor Homecoming Weekend, so let’s celebrate hospitality!

“Come on in. Rest a spell. Have a drink. Eat a bite.” I want these edicts to permeate all the rooms of my home, the inside, and outside rooms!

Recently, I received the distinction of “Certified Wildlife Habitat” for my yard. And no, that does not include the wild lives, whether family or friends, who often bless our home!  This moniker designates that our yard invites in, and provides for, the natural wild creatures who call Central Texas their home. It’s as simple as providing safety, shelter, fresh water, and nourishing food without the dangers of poisonous herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides.

Nothing proves that you’ve been successful in your wildlife hospitality goal better than gently swaying on your back porch swing watching the rhythmic daily lives of birds unfold right before your eyes. A community of chickadees darts in and out of their favorite birdhouse. A woodpecker precariously perches sideways on the bird feeder craning his brilliant redhead to snatch some elusive birdseed. The aggressive blue jays are dive-bombing my cats, reminding them who’s really in charge of their territory. A cardinal family frolics in the birdbath to cool off and fluff their feathers.  The mockingbirds stay mostly out of sight, but forcefully announce their presence with a cacophony of varied birdsong choruses. The titmouse birds daintily carry off one seed at a time to tap open on adjacent branches. The kaleidoscope of hummingbirds feast on the red blooms of the Turk’s Cap bushes or hover over their nectar-filled feeders.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we set the stage like that for hospitality in our own homes, a place that opens its arms in a warm greeting, promising restful, peaceful sustenance?


For whom have you set your table?

Contribute to the needs of the saints, pursue hospitality.

Romans 12:13

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