Hardly any of my lawn is left because I’ve turned most of the green scape into flower beds, walkways, raised vegetable beds, a chicken coop, and my garden shed. But what is left does need winter care!

Central Texas weather can easily vascillate between the below freezing temperature of a cold front and the balmy seventies inbetween days catching the summer-like warm breezes of the Gulf Coast. Therefore, winter broad weeds, like dandelions, can appear overnight amongst the lawn’s brown winter thatch.

Since I do not use herbicides at all, I instead use my handy dandy weeder (Grandpa’s weeder) to pull out, down to the tap root, these weeds. The chickens are all delighted for a dandelion greens snack!

Grass like Saint Augustine, established under decidious trees, will be grateful for a canopy of bare winter branches allowing for extra sunbeams. Either remove the fallen leaves under these trees and add to your compost pile, or mow your lawn on its highest setting to re-incorporate the shredded leaves for an extra soil enhancer to feed your lawn.

Otherwise, winter lawn care is simple. Unless there is no rain for a whole month, watering is unnecessary. So, enjoy a brief respite, and order seeds for your hoped for spring and summer garden!

Are you ignoring your winter garden?

Though the winds are keen and chill

Roses’ hearts are beating still

And the garden tranquilly

Dreams of happy hours to be

In the summer days of blue

All its dreamings will come true

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