I’ve reached a milestone today. . . Yay, It’s launch day for my book, Tell the Truth about Adultery. I can’t say that this is a dream come true because adultery is not anyone’s desired dream. However, finding a publisher who believed in the merit of my story and taking a gamble on that story having an audience, well now, that is a dream come true!

I look at this book as laying my deepest insecurities, dashed hopes, and ugliest fears out on the finger painting table of nursery school and letting all of my sisters smear the concoction around, spreading our fingers in each other’s divorce and betrayal times, touching elbows, crossing over boundaries, getting paint on each other, and maybe coming up with a new and conjoint piece of art – a fresh vignette composed of all our lost love experiences.

I want to share with other women who have found themselves in my shoes of pain, anger, and hope. Maybe in sharing with each other, we can somehow survive our journeys and hold our heads up high again, confident in God’s love, knowing we are worth not throwing away after all!

What does your new masterpiece look like?

One may experience sorrow during the night, but joy arrives in the morning.

Psalms 30:5

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